Sons of the American Legion (SAL)
Squadron 132

SAL Mission and Eligibility

  • Honor the military service and sacrifice of a parent or grandparent
  • Support American Legion programs that benefit veterans and their families and that promote American traditions and values. The SAL is a chartered program of The American Legion
  • Eligibility for the squadron is for males of any age having a parent or grandparent (natural or step) who is a member of The American Legion or if deceased, having served honorably during an American Legion period of eligibility. Legion members may hold dual membership in an SAL Squadron and a Legion Post.
  • For more information on membership contact: Ed Davis (520) 229-1064 or

Honor their service….join today!

Founded in 1932, the SAL’s mission is to honor the military service and sacrifice of the parents and grandparents of its members. Together, members of the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, and the Sons of The American Legion make up what is known as the Legion Family. All three organizations place high importance on preserving American traditions and values, caring for veterans and their families in need and advocating for our military, for our veterans and for a strong America.

The reasons for joining the SAL are varied. For many, membership in the Sons allows them to become involved in American Legion programs alongside their fathers and grandfathers. Others belong out of respect for their parents’ and grandparents’ military service to our country. Many younger members get involved and learn valuable leadership skills involving organization, public speaking, and negotiating, budgeting and fundraising skills. Membership in our organization also provides individuals with opportunities to forge lifelong friendships with people who share a common bond.

An SAL Squadron is under the auspices of the local Legion Post. Members do, however, draft their own constitution/bylaws, elect officers, decide on which American Legion programs and activities they will focus, do their own fundraising and make financial donations as approved by membership.