Oro Valley Post 132  Newsletter,  November 6, 2023.

Oro Valley Post 132 and Family activities/notices and information.

Post and Auxiliary membership meetings:

Thursday, November 16, 6:30 p.m. **Special Service**. We will have a Post Everlasting Memorial Service for the 22 Post members who have passed onto Post Everlasting since November 2022. See attached list of names. The service will end with a rifle salute and the playing of TAPS. Please attend to show your respect. Family members of some of the deceased may be in attendance. Auxiliary members meet in a separate room, same time, same location. They will join us for the Post Everlasting Memorial Service. A social with complimentary refreshments follow each meeting of the Post and Auxiliary. POC is Gary Smith, call 214-431-2187 or email ovpost132@gmail.com.

Post Everlasting bugler in front of waving United States flag, black and white.
United States Air ForceUnited States Army
Donald "Don" DenmanKorean War EraAlvin “AL” Abbott Jr.Korean War Era
Peter LumiaKorean War EraEdward “Ed” ChristiansenVietnam War Era
Russell NoyceVietnam War EraRaymond "Ray" FrankKorean War Era
Dennis PaulKorean War EraLee L KohsKorean War Era
James PilarczykKorean War EraSimone "Sam" LagravineseWWII Era
Hugh A SmithKorean War EraRobert "Bob" MacholdKorean War Era
Donald SobeyVietnam War EraFrederick "Fred" RobyKorean War Era
Gerald "Jerry" StilesVietnam War Era
United States Army Air Force.United States Coast Guard
Earl BartlettWWII EraJoeseph “Joe” DelBalsoKorean War Era
United States Marine Corp.United States Navy
Charles SanfordKorean War EraDavid K DoddKorean War Era
James P WhalenWWII EraAlbert "Al" MelvinVietnam War Era
Daniel SakallWWII Era

Mark your calendar. Upcoming Dates, activities and events to remember:

American Legion Auxiliary Banner.

November 10, American Legion Auxiliary’s 104th Birthday:

Established November 10, 1919, the ALA, a patriotic service organization, has been providing care and assistance to service members and veterans, promoting traditional American values and the welfare of our nation’s youth and supporting other American Legion programs.

United States Marine Corp. Birthday banner

November 10, 248th U.S. Marine Corps Birthday:

The US Marine Corps started as the Continental Marines on Nov 10, 1775. The Second Continental Congress decided that two Battalions of Marines were needed to serve as landing forces with the Continental Navy during the American Revolutionary War.

Veterans Day banner with United States flag in background.

November 11, Veterans Day/WWI Armistice 1918:

World War I fighting ceased between the Allied nations and Germany on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason, November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of the war. That day is now designated Veterans Day.

Historic military members carrying United States flags while leading Veterans Day Parade.

November 10, Tucson’s 103rd Veterans Day parade:

Friday, November 10 at 11 am. The parade begins at the intersection of W. Alameda St. and S. Granada Ave. The parade will proceed from Granada Ave. to Cushing St., to Church St., to Congress St. back to Granada Ave. Arrive early to secure parking. Go to website www.tucsonVDPF.org for all parade information.

Patriotic banner, Veterans Day Freebies and Discounts.

Veterans Day Deals and Discounts:


Post 132 Color Guard in formation for Missing In America event.

Veterans Day Week schedule:

Post 132’s Color Guard is scheduled to perform at ten locations within the community. These include three local school assemblies. Mark your calendar! Come out and support the schools and be recognized for your service by the students. All are welcome. For details contact Color Guard scheduling coordinator Gene Wickey, call (cell) 714 313-7000 or email geno1945@aol.com.

Nov. 8: 9:00 AM, Leman Academy, 12255 N. La Cañada Dr., Oro Valley.

Nov. 9: 8:45 AM, Coronado K-8 School, 3401 E. Wilds Rd., Catalina.

Nov. 10: 10:00 AM, Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, 9500 N. Oracle Rd, Oro Valley

Contact Info: 


Please like, follow and share with others to help spread the word about our Post and its award winning programs. www.facebook.com/ovamericanlegionPost132.com.

Post Website: 


Post Mailing address:

Oro Valley Post 132, P.O. Box 69665, Oro Valley, AZ, 85737.

Post 132 commander:

Steve Didio, call 520-219-9997   or email stevedidio@comcast.net.

SAL Squadron 132 commander:

Ed Davis, call 520-229-1064 or email egdavis@att.net 

Riders Chapter 132 Director: 

Jeff Fawks, call 520-245-8521 or email DirectorALR132@gmail.com.

Service Officer:

Jeri Harwood call 208-351-9945 or email jjakita@aol.com.

Auxiliary Unit president:

Lori Oehlert,  phone 920-319-6700 or email 15oehlert@gmail.com 

Past  Commander/Newsletter Editor:

Ed Davis, call 520-229-1064 or email egdavis@att.net       

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